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Near the end of 2008, I got a new camera, a Casio EX-FH20. One of the features I liked about this camera was the ability to shoot high-speed video. Normal video (at least right now) is shot at about 30 frames per second (FPS). This camera can shoot normal video, and can also shoot video at 210, 420, and 1000 FPS. One minor drawback is that with each high-speed incremental rise, the resolution of the video drops. Normal 30 FPS video is 640 x 480 pixel resolution. Then, 210 FPS is 480 x 360; 420 FPS is 224 x 168; and 1000 FPS is 224 x 56.  See the images below for a size comparison.
  640 x 480 image
                        480 x 360 image                                                   224 x 168 image                    224 x 56 image
While it may seem a bit disappointing about the video size, the camera is relatively inexpensive, and it is possible to slightly enlarge the frame size of the video through various software. While the quality probably wouldn't transfer well to a DVD, it is good enough to demonstrate on a web page--like this one. From what I understand, even though the video is shot at those frame rates, they are saved and played back at the standard 30 fps. That means that time is stretched by the clips. So-- action shot over one second's time at 30fps will take 1 second to play back at 30fps. But shot at 210fps it will take 7 seconds to play back at 30fps-- 1 second shot at 420fps will take 14 seconds to play back at 30fps--and 1 second shot at 1000fps will take 33.3 seconds to play back at 30fps. (If my math is wrong, will someone please let me know?)  So, I edit the slow-motion clips by removing sections between interesting changes. I'll usually use a "fade" to show that time has passed that is not shown in that clip (actually, I do that in most clips, regardless of the capture framerate).
Since a lot of the clips I'm shooting are somewhat experimental, some of them don't fit in with material on my other pages. Links to them will appear here, as well as some images showing the subjects of those videos.  Some of them may show up on youtube.com, also (Just search the videos for "rickubis").
Note: 07/05/2012--since I first started this page, other cameras have become available. So far, none of them have afforded the range of camera speed as the Casio--which is no longer available. However, some of these cameras offer larger frame sizes, although without the higher frame rates. At all times I try to note the edited video with the frame capture rates.
My links are below:

  mousetrap (pictures above)         wmv 2.7mb
-- -  
      corn snake tongue wmv 6.5mb                           white ibis takeoff wmv 4.0mb                         osprey flyby wmv 8.5mb                                          honeybees 210fps wmv 2.6mb 
               11/23/2008                                                                      11/30/2008                                                              11/30/2008                                                                    12/07/2008                             

          honeybees 420 wmv 2.8mb
                   buddha catches ball wmv 3.5mb              buddha with copter wmv 12.0mb          cormorant takes off 210fps wmv 4.6mb    
                12/07/2008                                         12/07/2008                                                          12/07/2008                                                           cormorant takes off 210fps wmv 

  jacobs ladder experiment 1 wmv 4.7mb  jacobs ladder experiment 2 wmv 18.5mb      bullfrog leap 1 wmv 1.6mb                 bittern hunting wmv 5.0mb  
                            01/17/2009--01/18/2009                     01/04/2009                           01/25/2009

 Yellow-Rumped Warbler hovering wmv 3.5mb  Rick and a Caracara wmv 11.2mb      Anhinga landing treetop wmv 13.5mb      Anhinga with fish wmv 42.4mb  
        01/25/2009                                                    02/08/2009                                                      02/23/2009                                      03/08/2009                                

---  ----
  Alligator Tearing Nutria wmv 39mb         Tricolor Heron Hunting wmv 25.3mb    Squirrel Tree Frog Climbing wmv 20.9mb  Green Anole Tearing Katydid wmv 28mb 
                 03/09/2009                                                03/29/2009                                            04/05/2009                                             05/10/2009                        

      Alligator Bellowing wmv 47mb         Canine Joy at the Dog Park wmv 73.6mb  Cicada Killer at 210 fps wmv 7.6mb   Cicada Killer on my hand (slomo at end)wmv 9.3mb 
             05/17/2009                                   06/01/2009                                                          05/31/2009                                                06/14/2009                                            
  -- - --
  Cicada Killers at 420 fps pt1 wmv 19.8mb  Cicada Killers at 420 fps pt2 wmv 9.0mb  3 Lightning Bolts 1000 fps & slowed 5.1mb   Least Grebe Trying to Eat 210 fps wmv 11.8mb 
                 06/07/2009                                           06/14/2009                                             06/25/2009                                                  07/26/2009                                       

---------  -----------------------
  Hummingbird at 210 & 420 fps 11.6mb   Baby Rat Snake Chomps Rick @ 30,210,420fps 10.9mb 

Hummingbird 09/09/09 30&210fps 12.1mb
-  -Green Darner Hovering 9.4mb        Pied-Billed Grebes Running on Water 10.7mb    
                09/09/2009                                                     10/19/2009                                               10/25/2009                                       
--- ---
    Least Grebes Underwater 18.8mb                 Ruby-Crowned Kinglet Foraging 14.0mb    Vermillion Flycatcher Foraging 5.0mb   Great Blue Heron with Siren 26mb  
  Least Grebe Dives and Surfaces fps 18.7mb                12/20/2009                                            01/10/2010                                          01/10/2010                            


-    -
     Rick With a Caracara 18.5mb                E.T.; Great Horned Owl Flies 2.9mb    Birds Slowed in Time (50min) 485.5mb  Buddha the Pup Playing 19.7mb 
02/14/2010                                       02/26/2010                                                03/06/2010

 -  ----
   Double-Crested Cormorant with fish 40mb  Red-Shouldered Hawk w/Purple Gallinule 11.6mb  Yellow_Crowned Night Heron and Crawfish 50.0mb----Cicada Killer and Cicada  5.0mb   
                      03/21/2010                                              05/24/2010                                                              05/30/2010                                           06/13/20101                 

   Burdened Cicada Killer hovers 10.0mb       Grackles Hunting Crawfish 43.6mb                                         Anoles Jumping                                                   Anole Toe Curling 11.2mb                 
                              06/27/2010                                                 07/04/2010                                            8/12/2010                                                        10/05/2010              

- ---
         Alligators with deer carcass 82mb              Anole toe curling again                         3 Otters at BBSP 62mb                          Anhinga diving 25.5mb 
                      10/10/2010                                             10/17/2010                                              11/21/2010                                                         01/09/2011                                        

- -----
            Anhinga with fish pt 1                          Anhinga with fish pt 2                            Anhinga climbing                              Rick Stick Form 26.3mb        
                         03/06/2011                                                 03/06/2011                                                 05/15/2011                                              05/28/2011                                                                   

---- -------
               Rick Sword Form 21.5mb                Rick Spear Form 42.7mb                     Alligator with gar fish 30mb    Rattlesnake w/ chipmunk pt1 13.8mb  
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Rattlesnkae w/chipmunk pt2  8mb              
                            05/28/2011                                           06/06/2011                                                 08/28/2011                              09/25/2011

      3 more Otters at BBSP  34mb                  Bald Eagles and nest 8.2mb                Alligators and Vultures 1 43.2mb                    Alligator and Vultures 2 49mb
                     11/27/2011                                                     01/28/2012                                                01/22/2012                                                01/22/2012

--  -----
          Vultures bathing at BBSP 28mb            Black Crowned Night Heron 62mb               Anhinga surfacing 6.8mb                    Green Heron w/ bowfin        
                                               02/19/2012                                                 04/15/2012                                                  04/22/2012                                                04/23/2012                 

----- --
                 Anhinga Climbing Tree                       Dropped Slinky 1000fps 12.7mb               Airgun Display at HMNS                    Alligator Chewing Alligator     
                         05/15/2012                                                   07/19/2012                                 01/12/2013                                               06/16/2013                    

               Piper at the dog park                           More Piper at the dog park                          Mother's Day Gators                    Piper catching balls 
                         11/03/2013                                                     11/28/2013                                                  05/11/2014                              06/05/2014

-- -- ----- 

         Piper at Danny Jackson                                Piper Running Again                             Piper fetching inside                          Wilson's Snipe arguing    
06/07/2014                                                            08/02/2014                                               09/12/2014                                                  11/19/2014        

-- -- ----- 

            Pelican Taking off from water.                Slow Motion Alligator Gar                              Pelicans diving                                  Bullfrog Attacking Prey                   
02/21/2015                                               05/24/2015                                              07/04/2015                                                  08/09/2015                                 

-- -- -----   

           Pelicans diving                                    Pelicans and jumping fish                   Mysterious Fish_gar_bowfin_pleco             Egrets Catching Dragonflies 
               08/13/2015                                                      08/13/2015                                                          10/11/2015                                                           11/08/2015 

-- -- ----- 
  Tricolor Heron Hunting                        Piper at Danny Jackson                        Piper jumping to catch                            Blowgun darts in flight    
   03/06/2016                                              03/26/2016                                           09/23/2016                                                  10/03/2016        

-- -- ----- 
        Yellowjackets on nest
                               Mexican Twig Ant                             Cormorants Taking off from water              Piper and toy helicopter
10/16/2016                                               11/06/2016                                                         11/26/2016                                                    12/07/2016

-- ---
        Blue grey Gnatcatchers flying              Cormorants Catching Plecostomus                          Bullfrogs_calling                                     Grackles Catching Fish    
01/08/2017                                              04/12/2017                                                 05/07/2017                                                     06/10/2017        

Besides making these things, I've done a number nature videos. If you're curious about nature then go on to see  my videos about it at: Rick's Nature Films.
BEFORE I made the documentaries, sometime between 1999/2000 (and then sometime in 2007), I did a series of experiments with video. Some video clips and movie shorts resulted from these experiments. They are pretty strange, and I made them to help get my mind off of some of the changes my life was going through. They made me laugh (uh, oh), and maybe they'll make you laugh too. If you're curious (remember, they are STRANGE) then go on to see the weirdness at:Rickubis Productions.

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