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Some time in 2001, I began collecting various video clips and photographs into  documentary-style films.  In the years following, I've successfully gathered quite a bit of interesting material. So far, I've completed a few films. Since I use a digital format for these films I have the freedom to modify the films by adding or subtracting material from them. So, the films can be improved as I get better shots or video. I don't work on them often, but changes do happen. Since I've started, the nature of internet connections has improved (as well as my video capture sources), so I've started using large file sizes for clips I have in my web domain.
I made these films because the subjects are interesting to me, and I thought other people might like to see some of the things I've been lucky enough to witness.
Below are links to the films, and the messages I've posted on my pages as the films progressed (in reverse chronology from top). I
include them here to show how long it took to make them.
12/17/06--As a sort of a gift, and to lift my spirits some, I've put together a short (about 12 minutes long) video from some of the photos and video clips that I shot from September through November of this year (2006). The video also features music by Bjorn Lynne.  It's in windows media format, and is about 90mb. It can be found by following this link (windows media, 88,000kb).  I hope you enjoy it.
BIRD VIDEO--This is about 30 minutes long, and is just a series of movie clips that I shot at Brazos Bend State Park (Most of them between January and April, 2006). I have a title before each clip which identifies the bird and where and when the clip was shot. The only soundtrack for the entire film is music (which I've licensed) by Bjorn Lynne . New note 04/27/06: I've finished it this week. Here is a  windows media version (178,211 kb).
SNAKE VIDEO--This is about 22 minutes long, and the main theme is positive identification of the venomous species that can be found at Brazos Bend State park (only 3 out of 23); and a comparison with some of the more common non-venomous species. New

01/17/2011: I've replaced the video with a (windows media version 180mb)

note 12/20/05: I've finished it this week. Here is a flv video version (72,806kb).  (flv video removed 1/17/2011)
AllIGATOR VIDEO--This is about 45 minutes long, and is collected material showing various alligator behaviors.

January 17, 2011: I've recoded the video into windows media format.  current 40-minute version (326 mb).

Nov 11, 2005 update: I've made a new edit using material I shot through 2004/2005. I've also encoded the flv video file so the image is now 640 x 480. Watch me hatch an alligator! Use this link to see the current 40-minute version (132,000 kb). (removed flv video version 01/17/2011)
Apr 26, 2004 update: I've removed the smaller files, for two reasons. First, I've modified the documentary twice, and these sections aren't the same anymore; and second, I need the server space. A link used to bring you to a different  version (75,290kb).
Jan 11, 2004 update: I've broken it into smaller pieces.
DVD NEWS(01/05/04)! I've finished my alligator documentary! It's about 40 minutes long, and I've uploaded it in flv video format, but it is 65 megabytes! 
My working file (in 352 x 240 mpg) is about 500 mb, and this is as small as I can get it.
DVD NEWS(09/28/03)! I've finished two more segments of the video.
DVD NEWS(09/10/03)! I've finished two more segments of the video.
DVD NEWS(09/04/03)! I've started making a documentary from the original program (my original format is not consistant between DVD players). I've got a two minute section of the introduction, with narration and background music completed.
I've composed a DVD about alligator behavior as I've observed it. Currently, the documentary is about 45 minutes long. This is an ongoing project (the DVD has gone through many changes so far). Some material on these pages will appear on the DVD, but in more detail, while there will also be information that will be unique to either place.  I  currently present the documentary on DVD as an interpretive program  Brazos Bend State Park occasionally (look on the schedule for "Alligator Behavior at Brazos Bend).  The park is not paying for this DVD project in any way, and my philosophy below on fair use of my material applies to the DVD as well.

I'm currently composing a DVD about alligator behavior as I've observed it. So far, I have way over an hour of material. This is an ongoing project (the DVD has gone through 3 changes so far). Some material on these pages will appear on the DVD, but in more detail, while there will also be information that will be unique to either place (webpage or DVD).  I'm currently using it as an interpretive program at Brazos Bend State Park that I present occasionally. However, the park is not subsidizing or financially supporting the project in any form. Anyway, I'll post news of the DVD as it develops at the bottom of the page.

SPIDER VIDEO--This is about 30 minutes long, and is a brief introduction to what spiders are, some interesting aspects of their anatomy and behavior, and a quick display of some more common species.

01/17/11: I've recoded the video. Here is a windows media version (108 mb).

08/24/05: I've finished it this week. Here is a flv video version (68,960kb). (flv video version removed 1/17/2011)

02/27/05: I've been developing a spider presentation/video. I've got the script written (although it will be trimmed, I'm sure) and I've gotten all my photos and video clips together. I've started putting the visuals together, but even after I finish that I'll still have to do the narration and then edit that with the music into the video. Still a long way to go! For now, here's my first edit, to see how I may want to incorporate the images and clips. Click on this link (2871kb) to see the beginning.
BEFORE I made the documentaries, sometime between 1999/2000 (and then sometime in 2007), I did a series of experiments with video. Some video clips and movie shorts resulted from these experiments. They are pretty strange, and I made them to help get my mind off of some of the changes my life was going through. They made me laugh (uh, oh), and maybe they'll make you laugh too. If you're curious (remember, they are STRANGE) then go on to see the weirdness at:Rickubis Productions.
And I've gathered together some Slow Motion videos and put them on Rick's Slow-Motion Video Page.

The films are free for people to view, but they belong to me. Please keep that in mind.
While the some of my video projects might seem a bit unprofesional, the music with them is certainly NOT unprofessional. It's music that I've purchased licenses for. If you want to license music composed by professional artists...royalty-free, then click the image and head out to:


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