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I created this page so that folks from Piper's previous home can see how she's doing.
So far...she's doing ok. Everything on this page-- including drawings,photos, video clips,text 2013-2016 Richard Dashnau  

On November 2nd, 2016, Piper has been with me for 3 years. I hope the images and video clips on this will show the people that fostered
Piper, and let me adopt her (and they got her from BARC) that Piper is happy and healthy.  I know they were sincerely concerned for her well-being.
I cannot believe that someone turned this wonderful dog in to BARC in the first place, but it all turned out well. She's with me, now.

12/07/2016  Piper has decided that a toy helicopter should be investigated, so, here she is while one is flying around. Click here to see the resulting video (wmv format); made from a couple
clips edited together. The image below left is a frame-grab from the video, showing her staring down the helicopter.  Note that Piper approaches the toy...I'm not chasing her with it.
Also, when I do move it towards Piper, I fly it slowly towards her and away from her. I didn't want to threaten her, and I didn't want her to chase it like prey and knock it down.

09/23/2016  Piper has decided that even if I'm lying down stretching my back, I should be able to toss her a ball. So she rolls the ball on the end table so I can reach it. I grab it, and
toss it. Piper sometimes gets acrobatic (aerobatic?) when she goes for the ball. So, I decided to shoot some high-speed video of her in the air.  The image above right is a frame-grab from one of the clips.
 Click here to see the resulting video (wmv format).; made from a number of tosses edited together.

03/26/2016  Piper makes up new games, and new ways to communicate with me. If nudging the ball with her nose doesn't get my attention, Piper would try standing on my chest, or pushing the ball in my face.
Somehow, she's decided to try to pull one of the coverings off my "couch" as an alternative way to get my attention. She's quite insistant. In the video, I am looking away from her, but pointing the camera at her.
When I ignore her, and don't see her push the ball, she starts pulling on the covering. Usually she stops when I turn to look at her, and starts when I look away. Image is below left.
 Click here to see the video (wmv format).


03/19/2016 and 03/26/2016  Piper at the dog park again, over 2 years since she's been my dog. (image above right)
 Click here to see the video (wmv format).

07/28/2015  Piper sometimes naps, as dogs do, while I'm doing things at home. But when she wakes up, she comes over to see me. She seems so happy that I'm there. 
This clip show one of those times, but this time I met her halfway. She likes to sleep under that table, and scoots out on her belly.
 Click here to see the video (wmv format).


07/01/2015  Well...it's been a while since I've done any updates here!  But, Piper is still fine, and she's been great.  So, here's a short video clip showing
a minute and a half (that should be 90 seconds worth) of Piper and I wrestling over a tennis ball(image from the video above right). I think she lies on me to
stop me from escaping with the ball.  Click here to see the video (wmv format).

10/19/2014 (Image Below, Left) Another day at Danny Jackson.  Piper ran, and I filmed her at 210 frames per second. The link to the video is here:   wmv format 


10/04/2014 (Image Below, Left) I was on the inversion rack, when Piper decided to help. The link to the video is here:   wmv format 
(Image Below, Right) Earlier in the day, Piper ran at the dog park, and I filmed her at 210 frames per second. I love watching her run!
The image is a framegrab from the video.  The link to the video is here:   wmv format


 (Image Below, Left) Image from a video clip showing some quiet time with Piper. Video clip is here:   wmv format  
   (Image Below, Middle) Piper waiting for a ball.  Look at that smile!


09/21/2014 (Image Above, Right) Piper chasing and catching a ball, inside, filmed at 120fps.   wmv format  
08/02/2014 (Image Below, Left) Piper running by at Danny Jackson Bark Park, filmed at 120fps.   wmv format 


 (Image Above, Right) When I do something Piper likes, she quickly shows she's happy about it. When Piper is ready to go outside, and I get the harness--she gets really happy. And, she helps me put it on--sort of. Here's a short clip showing the current Harness Ritual.     wmv format

07/02/2014 (Image Below, Left) Since some people are still checking up on Piper, here's a short clip of Piper and
I at home. She really can be a sweet dog, and she wouldn't be doing these things if she weren't comfortable with me.
I don't think she is considering stealing my nose. The clip is here:    wmv format


 (Image Above, Right) I had to leave town for business. I had to board Piper while I was gone. I felt bad about this,
since I'm the fourth person (or set of people) that has kept her.  I was concerned that Piper would feel like she was changing homes again.
So, I picked her up as soon as I could, and I worried that she would be nervous or uncomfortable when I brought her home. But, she was fine;
and very happy to be home. This is a picture of her relaxing on the next evening. She looks happy to me.

06/07/2014 (Image Below, Left) Today, I shot High-Speed Video of Piper at Danny Jackson Bark Park. This time, I shot at 210 Frames per Second, which
I haven't done in a while.  Video here. (
wmv format 15.6mb


 (Image Above, Right) More High-Speed Video of Piper chasing the ball inside. This time, I wanted to experiment with 210 Frames per Second, so I had
to adjust the lighting.  Video here. (
wmv format 18.6mb 

 (Below, Left) Piper really likes to chase her ball--when we are home.  In fact, she can get quite insistant about playtime-dropping the ball in my shoe...
...while I'm trying to put the shoe on; for instance.  At the dog park, she only chases other dogs. Piper  has gotten quite adept at snatching the ball out of the air.
I don't have the camera on her then, but I tried for a few video clips shot at 120 frames per second for these.  Video here. (
wmv format 9.2mb 

                                                                                                                                                                                    Out for a walk 06/04/14 
03/03/2014 (Above, Right) Piper and I are in a new home. She was a complete angel during the move. Here, we've been in the new place for a few days. She
already acts like she's home. I took time out from unpacking to play ball with her. Video here. 
wmv format 3.9mb 

01/24/2014 (Below, Left) There are always socks that lose their partners. Piper does this with them.  Video here.  wmv format 8.7mb
01/21/2014 (Above, Right) Piper on the stairs watching me sound like a doofus. Video here. (wmv format 3.4mb

01/18/2014 (Below, Left) Piper in a mellower mood.  Video here.  wmv format 7.2mb
12/25/2013 (Above, Right)A Christmas message with Piper! Well, sort of....  Video here. ( wmv format 3.8mb  

 Piper enjoying her chest scratch. (below left)


 Just a shot of Piper with a ball. (above right)

12/03/2013 And, a short clip of Piper inaction. (below left)  The video clips are here :( wmv format 4.7mb )   
A video clip of Piper chasing a ball--shot in slow motion with my phone. (below right) The video clips are here :( wmv format 3.3mb )   

 I've been bringing Piper to the dog park as often as I can. With the extra time off for the holiday, and pretty nice weather, I've been able to bring her for the last few days. Piper LOVES to run, but she mostly likes to run with other dogs. She doesn't seem to mind if she chases them, or if they chase her--as long as she's running. The last few times we've gone have been great. She's found larger dogs to chase, or to run with. Today, I got some pretty good video clips of Piper running, filmed at 120 frames per second, and 240 frames per second (with a Canon SX260 "pocket" camera). I've put them into a 5-minute video clip. The image below left is a frame grab from one of the video clips.
The video clips are here
:( wmv format 42.2mb )  

 Piper is still settling in, but is still quite a puppy. Sometimes she'll join me on the couch while I relax...and sometimes she relaxes too--for about 2 minutes. The image below left is a frame grab from a video clip that illustrates this:
 ( wmv format 11.4mb )  I'm uploading this on Thanksgiving...and I'm lucky that I've have Piper today.


11/18/2013 One of the best things about having a dog is the daily greeting at the end of the workday. Piper spends the day in a calm manner (at least she's calm when I check on her), but when I get home she's happy to see me. And...the feelings are mutual. Here's an example of the evening greeting. It's a little defused because I had to pause a bit to set up the camera. The image above right is a frame grab from one of the clips in this edited video:  ( wmv format 10.2mb )
11/16/2013 Saturday morning, and Piper brought one of her toy ropes to me while I was moving some things around. Time for a puppy break! So, here is a short clip of a short game of fetch\pull the rope.The image below left is a frame grab from one of the clips in this edited video:  ( wmv format 8.7mb )


11/07/2013 Piper and I are learning how to communicate with each other, and how we fit together. While exploring under the furniture, Piper found a tennis ball. She brought it to me, and obviously wanted me to toss it. So, she not only understands the game of "fetch the ball", but she asks me to play it with her. She came to my house with a toy duck of her own, and she would toss that around, and sometimes chase it if I threw it. But she likes a short game of "fetch the ball" now and then. The image above right is a frame grab from one of the clips in this edited video:  ( wmv format 12.2mb

11/03/2013 So, The next worry was how Piper would be on her first night in a new place. At about 5am this morning, Piper woke me up with gentle licks on my face and nose. We immediately went out, and she did her business. And then I came in and went back to bed, and so did she.
Then, on the other end of the day, after I did my usual items away from home (and Piper behaved herself--not getting into ANY trouble); we went to the dog park. The three images below are framegrabs from some video clips that I shot. I've edited them together into a single file which can be seen here:  ( wmv format 15.7mb


11/02/2013 I had lost my dog to cancer, and I knew that although I was very sad, I was looking forward to the time when I would meet my
new friend-and our joy when we would find each other. So...I started looking, with the understanding that years could pass before the right dog appeared. I hoped it wouldn't be long. Then, on Craigslist, I saw an ad placed by a couple who loved their dog, but could not keep it. They wanted a good home for their pet. I wanted to make a good home for a good pet. So...we talked.  And, eventually everything worked out and....well, I have a new dog, and her name is Piper.
So, when Piper changed hands from her old owners' to mine, I wanted to attend a special event at Brazos Bend State Park.  I didn't want to leave Piper alone in her new house...we needed to spend time together. So, I drove out to the park with her.
When we got there, David, one of the rangers  saw me with her.  My friends  all had known how losing Buddha the pup had affecte me. David was taking pictures of the special event, and he was kind enough to take a picture of Piper and me.  And so, this is the very first clear picture of Piper and I together.    Piper was just about as perfect as she could be during the ride both ways and while we stood among the 800 or so folks at the event.
 We eventually made it home, and first shot this picture (middle picture).  If I hadn't already fallen for the little pup...THAT look would have done for me. But Piper had already won me over, anyway.
 Then I filmed a little introduction to Piper, and how she acted on her first evening home. The image above right is a frame grab from this video. (wmv format 6.1mb