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As I get pictures of other animals at the park (and anywhere else), I'll be putting them here.

July 12, 2003  After finishing an excellent lunch of a shrimp po'boy (KICK-BUTT shrimp!) and fries, I sat and enjoyed my favorite company and the view from the back deck.  Then, we went down a flight of stairs, and took some time to take a look around at the water. Just a nice, relaxing lunch. While we were looking around, these jellyfish would occasionally surface (see NO PB, below), then slowly sink back down. It is probably a Sea Nettle, (Chrysaora quinquecirrha), but I'm not certain (coelenterates are not familiar to me). Sea Nettles can give a "moderate to severe" sting, which, I suppose, is how they got their name.  I enjoyed watching them swim by. Anyone who wishes to can watch this video clip  (flv video, 315 kb) and see one swimming, also. Spongebob, of course, is that cartoon character with the annoying laugh who likes to go jellyfishing.
                                   IT'S A "NO PB, JUST J" FISH

September 15, 2002 The image above (WEEEEEEE!) shows a squirrel I saw as I was getting into my car to leave the park. I just thought it looked funny stretched out like that, hanging by the toes of its rear feet as it used its forepaws to handle its food.
The caption refers to another squirrel that appeared in a shockwave movie that I saw some time ago.
For those unfamiliar with them, "shockwave movies" are a form a limited animation that appears on the internet. Occasionally, a particular shockwave movie triggers something in people that causes them to laugh...or go "hmmmm", or say "what the heck was THAT?" In any case, some of these shockwave movies will sweep across the internet, appearing in emails, and forwarded from person to person, usually with an accompanying message that similar to: "You have *got* to see *this*!"; until THOUSANDS see them.   These are phenomena unique to the internet, and unknown to those who don't use the internet. The phrase "all your base are belong to us", while not originally from a shockwave movie, became one.  The infamous "Hyakugojyuuichi"  movie, created by a 14 year-old, was another phenomenon. And, the shockwave movie "weeeeeee!" that I refer to here was another one. The series of animations done by Joe Cartoon are also well known.
I won't link to these  movies from here, since they are filled with bizarre images, and strong lanquage.  I've recently been informed  that my pages have been used as teaching material overseas (much to my great surprise and pleasure, by the way), and I don't want to lead young minds astray. The movies are easy to find, and those who wish to see them, can find them.

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