THE "SPINBLADE" HELICOPTER Page 2 --some repairs

While flying the Spin-Blade is fun, it isn't ALL beer and skittles (whatever that means). Even with the cage on it, multiple crashes or blade adjustments can take its toll. If you are new to this toy, check out the Spin-Blade message board on the toymaker's website, or do more web searches. In fact, that might be how you found this page. Immediately below are some fixes that I've come up with, and which I've posted elsewhere. Clicking on the images shown in most cases will allow you to see a larger version of the same image.

The first one involves the gyro-bar. After the shaft snapped, I stopped trying to mend it. I found out later that the manufacturer cautions against repairing the gyro bar because the centrifugal force generated by it spinning can cause any patches to fail.
Here's a version of what I've posted elsewhere:
I eventually broke the gyro-bar near the base, inside of where the s-hook links attach.
I was able to continue flying by first cutting the angle pieces off the base (I assume they are for structural support). Then I took a piece of heat-shrink tubing (with adhesive in it) and slid it onto the base. I put the broken end of the gyro bar and put it into the opening of the shrink tubing. I heated the tubing with a hot piece of metal, and it held for a few flights.
For later repair, I used hot-melt glue, but that was too hard to work with, so I started using a cyanoacrylate. I kept flying, and crashing, and my glue joint would fail. I'd just re-glue and fly again. Finally, after one crash, the end of the gyro bar came off again, and I lost one of the S-hooks.
I made a new S-hook by stripping a bread twist-tie, doubling it, and twisting it tightly. Then I cut and bent the twist tie to shape.
I had a few more good flights from this. Finally, though, my last crash must have entangled the free gyro bar, because I broke it again, about midway between hub and weight end. I don't think I can glue this, because further away from the hub any extra weight might be unstable.


Below is my linkage in place on a new gyro bar on an assembled 'copter. This particular Spin-Blade also has the lower hub repair described below. The device flies well, though doesn't respond quite the same as it did before. It's still quite maneuverable though.

While reading through the message boards, I found that some adjustments to the blade pitch can be made by actually bending the blade attachment arms. There is a warning that this can weaken the arms. This is true. While my Spin-Blade (SB) was flying, one of the blades became loose, and I found that one of the blade retention tabs had broken off. My fix, posted elsewhere, is shown below.

I'd been flying my second SB pretty successfully, when my bottom hub just broke while I was flying. Fortunately, I started hearing a slight tapping. When I flew the SB at eye level, I could see the bottom blades lifting. When I landed it, I saw that one of my blades was just barely hanging on by the tape. The little tab with peg that fits over the blade and sits in the hole had snapped off. Yes...I'd done the "flex the hub" trick. Should have used the tape method to stablize flight.
I came up with this fix. It seems to work. I can fly the SB. I've crashed a few times while readjusting the blades, and so far, no further breakage.
I put a small amount of hot-melt glue on that little "key" that's on the base of the blade. I glued this to the "tines" still remaining on the hub. After that had cooled and set I found a wire tie (covered with plastic, not paper). I fit the wire through the hole on the blade. I took one end and wrapped it aorund a fork tine from the bottom. I took the other end and wrapped it around the opposite tine from the top. I cut off the extra, and put a very small drop of CA adhsive where the tie hooks around the tines--hoping it might wick into the gap. I fugured that I lost a little mass because of the broken-off tab. I probably made up for more with all that I added, but close to the hub there doesn't seem to be much effect. As I've said, it *does* fly.


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