My views on "Caption This!".

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This page began 08/21/2000.  Last updated: 05/31/2004

"Caption This!"--Actually "Mystery Science Theater 3000's  Caption This" is a fairly easy pastime. The basic idea follows.
(click here for the actual page....or on MST3K's Caption This! )
I've also got a page over there on (they should thank me for this plug.) that talks a little bit more about the phenomenon that is "Caption This!". So click on the link to go to Rickubis off SciFi.

When you  get to "Caption This!", you will see an image. This is a screen capture from what is currently being shown on the SciFi network (this includes commercials). Clicking on the "caption this" link will bring you to the capping screen. You type in whatever you think is appropriate, your I.D. and password (you must have a SciFi dominion ID and password, which is easily done), and enter it.
The next screen you see is the "gallery" page. This shows your contribution, as well as the others' near the same time. The newer captions are at the upper left of the page, and as a new one appears (with a screen refresh) the others shift across the rows until they move off the lower right of the page. When there is REALLY high traffic, you might see your caption only once before it moves off the page after your next cap.
The general idea, as I see it, is to try to make the other cappers laugh...and of course myself in the process. They, on the other hand, seem to be trying to do the same. A good session can be pretty damn funny.
Certain shows will bring certain regular cappers...while other cappers seem to be there all the time. I really enjoy visiting this site, but don't often have the time to burn. It's a good place to visit during an overcast lunch hour, or during a break, or now and again in the evening. I find however, that doing caps is like eating is rarely enough, and once started, it is hard to stop. On consecutive visits, one can get a feeling of the personalities of the various cappers, and short messages are passed to one another during all this weirdness. Greetings are often exchanged when a known capper enters the room. (Right, NurseNoir, Amycamus, Animebabe, Xigeous, Porpoise, Agent_Moldy, 144b, bugwber, medusa_D, yingyang, gersonK and you numerous others?)
Messages to other cappers are usually placed after the caption and in parenthesis. Singing captions are usually symbolised with a " o/~ " before and after (musical notes?); while thinking (as opposed to spoken) captions are usually enclosed in something like this-- .oO{ am I talking too much? }  -- to emulate a thought balloon.

Here's an example of what the gallery looks like:

 I'm taking some of the single caps that really cracked me up, and putting them on a seperate page.  Click on the link for:
 Rick's Super Captions.  That is the first link in a group of pages of captions that make me laugh almost every time I read them. A lot of the captions are my own, but since I know myself best, I can make myself laugh fairly often. While reading these captions, keep in mind my comments about the Thematic Apperception Test (TAT), about how one interprets a given image can give some incite into that person's mind. Yep. Weirdos. But...not mean ones.

 Sometimes, alas, the screengrabber (the software/hardware combination that pulls the images we caption from The Scifi Network's broadcast) gets stuck; freezes; stops working. When this happens, we have to deal with it. To see some examples of that, click here to see the Frozen Screengrab Page.

Now, you might have gone and looked at my galleries. You haven't? Go on!  Shoo! Go look at those few (just 12 of them). Then, if you really, really feel like just burning up some time, go and visit  these caption galleriesput together
by some of my fellow cappers.  They are: grayzombie,discoboy,  porpoise,teambanzai, bigstupid, astry,  and glitterock .
I'm sure there are more. I just happen to know that some of *my* caps appear in their galleries. heh, heh, hehhhh. By the way
you should just click on each link to get there.  As with all things on the internet, these pages may contain harsh language or various other things that might offend. This is not my fault. more thing. Why don't you go over and make some  captions of your own?