These are some shirts that I've designed using my own photos.
   Some people have expressed curiosity about them, so this is what they look like.
                         Click the images below to see them larger. And yeah, that's me wearing them.
Two of my early shirts. (above). The original images I used on the shirts need more contrast.

I made these two (above) from the two shots I got of the alligator crossing.

These two came from some of my snake closeups. I've gotten a lot of compliments on the Canebrake shirt (above left).

One of my sweatshirts (above).  The Golden Silk photo I shot is one of my favorites. The shirt above right
is my favorite design. The original spider is only about 1/2 inch long.

I've tried to make these shirts so that they'd not only catch someone's attention, but cause them to learn something new.
And, of course, to maybe have them visit the website.  I've gotten into some interesting conversations because of these
shirts. It's been fun.

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