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I'm getting so much alligator stuff, I've decided to start another page. Here it is.
I'll continue the archive here.

OCTOBER 14, 2001 (Sunday)  After a rainy saturday, when a cold front came through, today was a huge improvement. The sun was briliant all day long. So, by the end of the day, the temperature was warm, but not uncomfortable. After noon, the alligators decided that they also thought it was a nice day. They enjoyed it so muchthat they decided to sunbathe...on the paths...where the people are. A few really big ones decided to come out.  The one in this  picture was...well you can see it. People on the path were wise enough to give them lots of room, but since one path was a loop, and there were large alligators at two different spots at points almost opposite from each other on the loop, people couldn't turn around and go the other way. I was forced to...ask some of the alligators to move. I asked them very politely; and, they were gracious enough to move.  The pictures below(PATH 1) AND (PATH 2)  show one of the other alligators. That's me in the picture with the big one (I'm the guy with the stick). I took path one and path 2 just before I persuaded, with extreme care, this big guy (about 10 feet long) to move. I estimate the one in the picture with me to be about 12 feet long.  CLICK HERE to see a bigger version of the picture with me.  REMEMBER, I WORK AT THE PARK. NEVER APPROACH THIS CLOSE TO AN ALLIGATOR!!!
             Me with the big one                        PATH 1                        PATH 2
                                                                                     From about 10 feet behind.                     From about 6 feet alongside.

OCTOBER 20, 2001 Sick of alligators yet? Well, I'm not, so I suppose you could make your own, alligator-free, webcam page. So, this where one path is actually near the "end" of the water. People coming from one direction are just entering the marshy area, and are not expecting to see anything interesting yet. People going in the other direction can see the end of the water, and aren't expecting to see much, either. This is at a bend in the path. There, not just one, but two fair-sized alligators (about 8 feet long) are just lounging in the sun. I heard about this and had walked over to see if there was a problem. There really wasn't. The alligators were facing away from the path, and weren't really that close to it. I decided to ask the one nearest the path to move, anyway. Of course, a photo opportunity presented itself, and so here I am in this old  RICKUBISCAM shot.  I asked the one in the forground (his tail is on the path) to move. The three pictures elow (move 1, move 2 and move 3) show his answer.  Click on the images to see them larger. Click here to see the "two gators and I" larger.
          Two 'gators and I                        Move 1                               Move 2                      Move 3
Move 1: I'm standing about 6 feet behind. Note his raised head, as he checks me out.
Move 2: He was sort of ignoring me, then suddenly he got up and started walking. Cool! I don't normally see them
get up and walk. It's kind of a shock to see this relatively inanimate "log" get up.
Move 3: He went into the water. He slid into the water...and then turned around and came right back out, walking towards me until he got all the way out of the water. Then he laid down again. Oh, well. At least he was further from the path.

November 3, 2001  Well, the alligators were really moving around today! I was very happy. As I left the Visitor's Center, I headed down the Pilant Slough trail, where I saw this alligator swim by( Pilant Slough Gator). At the end of this trail, I started on the Elm Lake Trail, where I saw this alligator cruising by (Elm Lake Gator) . Not much later on, some park visitors told me about some alligators blocking the path at 40 acre lake. I went there and saw this (40 Acre Path).  Click on the following pictures to see them larger. Click the links below the pictures to see video clips of these scenes.
           Pilant Slough Gator 476 kb       Elm Lake Gator 489 kb         40 Acre Path Gator 673 kb

 I'll be re-visiting the park as soon as I can (well, pretty often, since I'll be working in it.) and I'll be adding more pictures to this page when I get them. I just get this odd feeling when I think that to the larger alligators, I might appear to be moving food. I think of how long their kind has been around, and how many things their ancient eyes might have witnessed. That is, if there is such a thing as genetic memory.

If you'd like to know more about the park follow this link:

Brazos Bend State Park

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