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Due to popular demand, I have decided to include more pictures of Anubis, the Wonder Dog.
Clicking on the pictures below will show a larger version of the image.
Check the title of the book on the table. What is Anubis trying to say?
     The body language.                     Such poise. I am SO proud.         You comin' upstairs or what?         Kitchen police.


 Anubis is a basenji, one of the oldest breeds of dogs there is. Are you familiar with the pyramids in  Egypt?  The big stone pointy things?(A truly erudite description if ever I've heard one. I believe it was spoken by  a short, psychotic bunny named Max.(click here))  Basenjis were known to the civilization that built them.  Basenjis, as most people who live with one will tell you, are dogs that are not for everyone. Although they are also known as "the African barkless dog", basenjis are NOT silent, and are not "quiet" in temperament. They are affectionate, curious, and mischievous . (flv video G2, no sound, 65 kb)
They howl, chortle growl, and quack.  Well, Anubis "quacks" after he eats. He likes to find me when he's finished eating, look in my face (or lick it) and let loose with a loud belch that more times than not sounds like a "QUACK".  When he hears his name (the title on this page) he gets excited and   howls.(flv video, 289kb)
Then sometimes, when he gets started, he gets really  loud.(flv video, 201kb. Turn down your speaker. It's LOUD!)

     I've had him about 2 weeks in this picture.                              A few years later.
                                                                   I promise. We actually did move around some between the two pictures.
 Among those  'senji people whom I have corresponded with, I have heard stories of shredded lawn furniture, opened  kennels, jumped-over fences, climbed fences, and a burned-down house (the basenji was the cause of the fire. Sadly, it didn't survive.) With all of this, WHY would someone want one? Why would someone KEEP one?  If I have to explain it to you, you'll never understand.  Basenjis are playful. Basenjis are curious. Basenjis will get stuff when you don't expect it. I used  to have a normal love seat, which was low to the floor--about 3 inches clearance. It was old, and  I finally got rid of it. When I removed it, I found a collection of his old toys, my old socks, some  old underwear (So that's where they are!) and myriad of other things underneath it. I have no idea  how he managed to "bury" that stuff under there.
Here are some new pictures of Anubis, and some old guy. These were taken around 12/20/2000. Click on them to see them larger.

August 11, 2001  I made this movie today,  because it's been a while since some people have been able to visit Anubis and myself.  Here is an image from the clip (above) .  Click on it to see it larger. Click here to see the clip. (flv video 1,549kb)

 If you are doing something, and you are sure that you have just set something down, within reach, and it's gone,  play back your mental recording of the last few seconds. I am certain that in those seconds you will recall a red and white--or black and white--or tricolor--or brindle pointy-eared, curly-tailed streak that came and went while your attention was on your task. If you are quick enough, you can perhaps catch that streak in possession of  your missing object.  I will suggest also, that for a few more minutes at least, you will be unable to avoid playing with this canine who just gives you that look with those shining eyes under those furrowed brows if you even try to scold.  He or she, will just cock their head and look at you, saying: "C'mon, what're you talkin' about? It's play time!"       So, have fun!! After all, that IS why you got a basenji, isn't it?
---------------------------------------------------------------------- Good boy, Anubis! 

The very first time I brought Anubis anywhere-which was to my house from where he was born-he climbed up off my lap, up my back, and burrowed between my neck and my car seat. He rode this way for most of an hour. It would be an understatement to say that he'd stolen my heart. If you've come to these pages because you already have a basenji, then you are familiar with the phenomenon. As I mentioned above, they'll take stuff when you least expect it.
Click  here for some of the source video that I used to make the animated .gif of Anubis wagging his tail. (flv video, no sound, 35 kb) 

Basenji owners need a kennel. Although Anubis likes to sleep in his, he will crash just about anywhere.
His favorite place is near me, somewhere. Or, on me. I'm too active for him to sleep this way for long.
When he's tired, he'll use the futon I use for a couch. When he's really tired, he retires to his kennel, with
no prompting from me.  Anubis is actually registered with the AKC as "Ricks Most Wondrous Anubis".

June 06, 2002  What can I say?  It's Anubis, the Wonder Dog! It's been a while since any recent visitors to have seen him, so I figured it was about time for him to make an appearance (see Anubis, above) . He's been fine ( by the way,  thanks to those of you who've asked about him). He's over ten years old, and he does have a cataract in his right eye.  I can't believe we've been together for so long.  He's been...well, he's been my friend. It would have been really difficult to get through some parts of my life without him.
Anyway,  his eye appears to be blind right now.  However, this doesn't seem to bother him.  Believe me, I can empathize with his impaired vision.
I took two short video clips with my Olympus C-700, then did a little editing, a little format conversion, and posted them. Here are the links: Anubis clip one (flv video 307kb) ; Anubis clip two (flv video 489kb).

There's not really a good way to say it, so.....

                                            Anubis is gone.
                   He left this world at about 10:00 am on December 17th, 2004.
                          I've had better Fridays, that's for sure.
                          Some of you have known him in the flesh.
                          I've written some words to commemorate him.
                          It will probably sadden you, but if you'd like to remember Anubis and
                          perhaps say goodbye with your heart, you can read it here.
                          The picture below was taken August 3, 2004.

-----     -----------------------------
                                How can I keep writing, going to the park, etc?
                                What choice do I have? I have to keep going. I can visit him on these pages, and in my heart.
                        I was damn lucky to know him.

 And finally, here are some important links that well certainly tell you more about basenjis:
  The Basenji Club of America
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  The Basenji Gallery   This is Nadine's gallery page. Lots of links to other basenji pages.
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  The Basenji --Online     --This is the magazine for Basenji folks.  I've got a stack myself.
  The Basenji Net     ---Although this sounds like something we could use to catch one, it's more informative than that. I will be adding more information to the "Wonder Dog" page, also. If you haven't heard enough,  here's one more howl, as Anubis winds down.(flv video, 287kb)
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